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Doe Don Klin, 24th October 2016

Written by William Lewis
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Doe Don Klin, 24th October 2016 SUN Newspaper

Doe done klin o fambul den we don cam back! This was embarrassing, really embarrassing even for the die hards. Kanda wam kanda kol nor go evin easy. But it ain’t over yet you know, because City (who kept their players in lockdown for 50 minutes after the stalemate against Southampton) beckons in midweek. I have no sympathy for Jose (not because of my Liverpool bias) but because of his continued arrogance.

Why should Conte not tell the supporters to cheer their team? Disrespect to whom? Is it every time we see a Manchester United side get thrashed in the EPL? If fact its an embarrassment toChelsea fans if you’re winning by that score line and you’re as quiet as a mouse. I finally agree with Washington Salone – stats don’t matter if you’re losing and even those stats won’t console any United fan – just ask Cheryl Omotunde Blyden – whom by the way has won Festus Sowah's poll. Small more e cherr “amadiya borbor” pan Mourinho and Whitsun Ade-Cole Jnr opened a Bob Marley Academy. It’s about time for Chelsea after the stick they received from us all, more especially after the molestation at The Emirates. Well it gets worse for ManU as stalwart defender Baily looks set to be out for a considerable amount of time. After the bus-parking exploits at Anfield on Monday night, the same expedition was to have continued but remember they had thrown the original bus keys at the Mersey River on Monday night, so the duplicate keys malfunctioned. The ball was even in the net before any ManU players touched it. Anyway, there can’t be any Sundays better than yesterday especially for the neutrals. I’m sure Chrisford Davis and Ibrahim K Dee went to bed smiling. Chaii!!! So Wednesday looks like a crisis battle between the two neighbours and for the good of the game and for an aversion of suicide, let the red half win...duya papa god.

Poppay Wenger celebrated his birthday by going top of the league on Saturday but not the way he would have wanted. That is a match they could have and perhaps should have lost against a Middlesbrough side that were up for the battle. So perhaps it was a lucky gift for poppay. Earlier, their North London neighbours continue to fire blanks – but that was by no means a dull stalemate. Meanwhile, the champions showed a bit of grit to dispatch a Palace side who might have dipped a bit in form since the start of the season. But they need to buckle up fast as they welcome Liverpool into town, which almost ended the day to top only to be pegged back by a defiant West Brom. But who wants to be top by October? Ask Klopp. Liverpool and the fans were denied entertainment by Mourinho on Monday but they picked up were they left and buzzed around a perplexed Tony Pulis’ side. If the impressive Emre Can hadn’t left his shooting boots at home and the every improving Foster in goal, the score line wouldn’t have looked so respectable. Early days still, early days but not sure that should sound well in the ears of Sunderland fans who haven’t won since Samson had a haircut. On the other hand Burnley claimed a double Merseyside scalp by dispatching Everton. Premier league at its best where anybody can beat anybody and the look at the top of the table doesn’t suggest otherwise. 
So everyone is in action in midweek, with one eye at Anfield too as Spurs visit. I’m not sure what approach the two managers would take into this match but Spurs need to get back to wining form. They have not won a match since City. I was tempted to quote the old fable “for beat big wan nor to in na di tin...” but I’m not sure City or Spurs who’s the big boss. High in octane, Chelsea have a small matter of a London derby at West Ham but all eyes will be fixed at Old Trafford. That’s where the Special One is and no doubt special attention will it demand. Until then we will continue to enjoy the banter and meme’s all on you Mancs, come out and face the music.

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