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Doe Don Klin, October 31, 216

Written by William Lewis
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Mourinho Mourinho

Doe done klin o fambul den we don cam back! Congratulations to Washington Salone and Freetown United USA for winning the 2016 Arlington Soccer League more comments. I got slammed last week by mostly fans of our fav cousins because they didn’t want to hear the perceived truth. But in truth, there is no denying that things are not rosy – the team, well I don’t want to use the word struggling because if you hit 37 shots and don’t score, that’s not struggling. But then again I can’t use the antonym either, because no wins in 4 PL games cannot be disguised at a Halloween party.

However, for a bunch that 35% ball possession at the home of your darkest rivals to claim a stalemate is a cause for a Harlem Block party, you begin to wonder, “Is this really Halloween or April Fool in October?” After 10 ten games you can still say it’s still early days but deep down they can’t deny that seeing their rivals peeling away slowly doesn’t hurt. All 3 table toppers scored 4 goals away from home whilst they have to deal with a misfiring team and a manager for whom living in a 5-star hotel is not considered a luxury but a new meaning to Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s version of “Homeless”.

Enough of United because just digging into their problems isn’t fun anymore, really it isn’t. Seriously, no sarcasm here but just look at Chelsea: after being a laughing stock few weeks ago, they picked themselves up and went back to the drawing board rather than feeling sorry for themselves or blaming RUF for dropping bombs in Hiroshima – 4 wins on the bounce, scored 11 and a clean sheet to boot - and proudly sitting at 4th spot. Crisis, what crisis? City bamboozled West Brom to maintain top spot and you can clearly see where their priority lie from the team on show compared to what turned up at Old Trafford in mid-week. The last time City tasted 3 points in the league was when the word Pep in krio was a luxury form of cigarette but somehow they managed to hold on to top spot. If that can be considered a crisis, the Ngor David and his Sunderland actors needs to enlist in the IS campaign.

Amidst all the frustration at City, the ball-headed Spaniard managed to keep his cool and find solutions rather than excuses. No doubt there is a thin line between love and hate and the margins between losing and winning isn’t an Einstein experiment either. So even if Liverpool’s “backboot” is harbored.. in a Merseyside brothel, they sure are a customer’s delight. Ask Alan Padrew, “Liverpool are a bloody good team” that’s from a man who was moaning about ref decisions after watching his team being gang raped. If you think that won’t hurt fans of you know who, wait for it...two touches 2 the picture?.... If Giroud’s second half cameo was a reality TV show then Le Prof would be at the Hollywood Boulevard this year. But again so is Mourinho: the rate at which he is being charged by the FA, one would think he’s to be nominated for best moving pictures and best director. Act 1 scene 45 he was at the dugout – act 2 scene 45.2 he was up the stands behind the subs....act 2 scene 46 he was in the director’s box with arms aloft helping Hans Zimmer putting the soundtrack together.

Meanwhile, Spurs remain unbeaten but they can’t beat anyone at the moment either. Another Halloween result to a Leicester outfit who had thought that permission to go out meant getting drunk and getting f**ked, was still a teenage expedition. How did Spurs not get their own fill would only mean they needed Viagra after one round. Pardon my eloquence for this edition but I just had to jerk off...I meant my thoughts. So we can all take stock after 10 games even though it’s still early days but the business end is fast approaching. The league is not won in November or December but you can definitely lose it if you plan having Santa Claus as defenders and no Rudolph to ride your sleigh. It’s going to be one hell of a sleigh ride in the next two months. Who’s going to be the Holly or The Ivy? Who’s going to still be a cry baby or who’s going to be fully grown? One thing is certain...only the Holly bears the crown.

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