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Doe Don Klin, 7th November 2016

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Mane wheeling away after scoring Mane wheeling away after scoring Reuters

Doe done klin o fambul den we don cam back! The good book says, “Give unto to Caesar what belongs to Caesar...” Liverpool and Chelsea are at the summit and they are not there by lucky or accidental circumstances but by merit.

If you think Chelsea spanked a sorry Everton on Saturday what followed Watford at Anfield on Sunday was beyond mesmerising. To say the score line could have been a cricket score sounds flattering and bullish but in all honesty it could and perhaps should. When Lucas of all people is getting shots on target albeit playing as a centre half, you get the picture of the fluidity of Klopp’s side. Apart from Clyne, every outfield player of the first 11 have now scored a goal and at this rate, even goalie Karius might be tempted to join in the jamboree.

With Chelsea, I marveled at the manner in which they have dismantled teams with their new formation. Thank God we had serviced them long ago and a less worry on how to stop Hazard and co. They are that good. I’m sick and tired of hearing that the two teams have the advantage of not being in Europe. Listen, both teams would trade anything to be in the Champions League because they may feel that’s where they belong. If any team feels otherwise they are free to trade places you know...not in Europa by the way which is an all different ball game.

That brings me to a Man United team finally having options to choose from in terms of goal of the month. With a solitary goal scored in the month of October, they have started November in stylish fashion. The big men stood up and it’s about time too. This is not a proud moment for any ManU fan at the moment because of events on and off the pitch. And with a much needed victory on the pitch, Mourinho is doing little to calm things off the pitch. Why for Christ’s sake after such a good victory would you want to wash your dirty linens in public? They pre-match interview would have been enough but now he’s given the press a field day to dive into the dressing room especially with not much football to report now we are into the international break. He lost the dressing room at Chelsea and now he’s brewing something similar. We haven't heard the last of Shaw story....

It’s November, folks it’s November! The most dreaded month in Arsenal’s season and it has kicked off with a home draw against title chasing Spurs. They dominated the game but Spurs could have won it in the end. Thanks to some smart saves from Cech. A draw in my mind seemed the fairest result even before the kick off – one team who usually finds the going tough in November and another who thinks scoring goals is like finding the penis of a cockerel. After dispatching the almighty Barcelona, City found out the Premier League is a whole different arena. Apart from ManU, all of the teams involved in Europe choked.

With winless Sunderland coming from behind to win at Bournemouth and claim a first point after 11 attempts and Hull also coming from a goal down to beat Southampton, you can’t argue the EPL is not a respecter of big teams. For the next two weeks, Liverpool will sit at the summit of the league and get ready for some bragging and memes to boot. Still plenty for football to be played and the xmas demanding fixture list piles. It's hard to predict but one thing I know for sure, Arsenal are back to 4th spot – factory settings restored?

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