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Fatma Samoura to visit Authorities in Sierra Leone

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Fatma Samoura with FIFA President Fatma Samoura with FIFA President BBC

It's been widely reported that Fatma Samoura the Secretary-General of FIFA will be visiting Sierra Leone to discuss certain issues.

In a letter to the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) she apparently wrote "We are confident that Sierra Leone's president and government officials will understand and honour our request for an official visit on 16 November. We are convinced a positive solution can be found with the necessary commitment from all parties."

It has been widely reported that she wants to discuss "ongoing" match-fixing investigations. However, her visit is preceded by events that unfolded two months ago when Sierra Leone's Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) arrested the President, her Deputy and the Secretary of the SLFA, in connections with an ongoing investigation on "donor funds" received by the SLFA. They have since been released without any charges. Ady Macualey, the head of the ACC, has since reportedly said that meeting Fatma Samoura is not a problem but that any discussions with regards to the ongoing ACC investigation is "off the table".

Fatma Samoura's visit is welcomed but I would question her to sort out the SLFA and its issues first before meeting with the Authorities in Sierra Leone. The current SLFA executive is by all definitions and illegal one and the premise of this Executive leading "match-fixing" investigations is frankly cynical.

It would be recalled that Isha Johansen was fraudulently selected as President of the SLFA in a process where the SLFA constitution was abused with imposters filling in for validated delegates during the last Congress. This version of events was also allegedly corroborated to His Excellency, Ernest Bai Koroma, when the very executive met him and confessed that "Fullah for Fullah" took place.

It was that brazen. It amazes me when I hear and see the reaction of people the first time they are informed about Isha's ascendancy to office. Absolute and utter fraud.

Alas, we all know about FIFA and it's beleaguered high-level corruption. Fatma Samoura is believed to have stated that FIFA will support development plans submitted by Isha. Is this a well-designed bribe or blackmail? A positive reinforcer? So if the government does stand down FIFA will then build “x” amount of new facilities and sponsor “x” amount of programs? O FIFA, the more things change the more things stay the same!!!

Over to you Ady Macauley please give us a reason to believe your actions were not cosmetic?

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