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Abubakkarr Tostao Kamara: Satisfy Your Conscience

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Abu Bakarr "Tostao" Kamara Abu Bakarr "Tostao" Kamara JakatoSports

Former, Leone Stars Captain, East End Lions and Al Ismaili defender Abu Bakarr "Tostao" Kamara, has been touted as the next Leone Stars coach. This was however not confirmed by him, though he told JakatoSports that he would relish the opportunity.

In a brief meeting with JakatoSports, Captain Kamara explained that he is a train coach and gave insight into what he would bring to the table if such an opportunity were to arise. Let's not forget that Tostao was a captain of a very successful National Side that qualified twice for the African Nation's cup and included a spirited one-nil victory against arguably the best African side then, Algeria.

Alas, two former Sierra Leonean players have had different experiences with the National Team. Musa Kallon, successfully qualified a junior under17 side to the World Cup in Finland, but his temperament is perceived as the reason why he was never called to the senior National Side. Ahmed "Long-throw" Kanu had what was believed to be a very disappointing tenure at the Helm of Leone Stars.

With those two contrasts in mind, we asked Tostao what he would bring to the table and why he could be the person at the helm. Tostao, responded elaborating on training and preparation. He explained that it is important to note that he is now first and foremost a trained coach. He explained that in certain high pressure situations the preparation and application of a trained coach is key. It provides the best opportunity to get the most out of the players. He also explained that the National Side needs a nucleus of players who play together for a while. He explained that the reason his side was successful in the 90's was precisely because there was a core of players around which the National team was built. This is what allowed them to upset teams like Ghana and Algeria which arguably had more renowned stars at the time.

He then talked about team selection and how selecting "with your conscience" is paramount. "If your conscience is troubled, your message to the players and the commitment you get from them will also be affected.", he added

He noted that Sierra Leone does not have a team like Barcelona or Real Madrid around which a National team can be developed but that it was important to identify a group of players that can be the nucleus of the team for the next five years.

Tostao would not be drawn into any comments regarding the controversies relating to the SLFA or FIFA, but said that the prompt resumption of the top-tier National League is important for the development of local talent.

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