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Doe don Klin,16 Jan 2016 Featured

Written by William Lewis
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William Lewis William Lewis

Doe don klin o fambul den we don cam back! The Big Man upstairs is no respecter of persons and similarly the EPL is no respecter of the so-called big teams. The pre-media hype of matches this season so far has failed to deliver, but redemption was at its best when Merseyside took on Manchester for a dual North-West derby. The focus undoubtedly was the red devils against the reds more than the blue Toffees against the sky blues. Growing up as a kid back in SL, one favourite chant we would render before kick-off, either at mini-leagues or school league football was “nor to name dae play”.


The pre-match prep for this match was all going haywire for Liverpool more especially the abysmal showing at St. Mary’s in the mid week FA Cup and then at the last minute Matip was withdrawn from the squad due to FIFA’s inadequacies and to make matters worse an 18-year old rookie was given his first full start at the home of their bitter rivals. Indeed nor to name dae play...United’s team sheet and in the form they have been plus Rio Ferdinand’s studio hype it didn’t make good for my weak bowels I tell you. Even my own very own fans were irritating me to the point I shoved off some people including my own family. After all Jesus did show his own disciples the door when they were irritating him. But, it turned out to be that the teenagers stole the day. City were hammered by Everton leaving Pep with the heaviest defeat as a manager and that 13 (well 19) year old Lookman making his Toffees debut and an 18 year old Jones could not believe that Alice in Wonderland could be across Stanley Park. Spare a nasty thought for that thief Lukaku trying to steal the boy’s goal. Imbecile! So it was no surprise Alex-Arnold was transformed from Boy II Man. Again and again this 6-Flags expedition continues and it was certainly not helped by the “Tetracycline haircut” (na Franklin Ibemessie talk am o) Pogba. Not sure if he figured Liverpool would be wearing that toxic coloured shirt so maybe you could say on the day Liverpool played with 11 and a half men. All things considered, I think a draw was a fair result and especially that’s what the London clubs were routing for.

It was a Saturday of goals galore with the rout starting from Spurs who’ve now occupied second spot. Against West Brom, Coys put up a master class performance to banish the boogie tag off and a hat-trick to boot. Whatever Spurs can do Arsenal can do likewise and away from home too. Though the win covers the internal wrangling of contracts and unhappiness amongst their ranks, they did what mattered and what the fans are paid to see. For league leaders Chelsea, another shocking headlines involving leading marksman Costa did its bit to disturb their prep against the Champions Leicester, but an unlikely hero in fullback Alonso popped up with a brace to stretch their advantage at the summit. Many people misquote the bible passage that money is the root of all evil, when in actual fact the bible said that it is the lust for money that is the root. That’s a big difference and God knows how much money has confused Costa so much that he is now dreaming of abandoning ship right in the middle of the season to cash a fat cheque in China. In truth, what goes around comes around – the English league did bankrupt the French and Italian leagues and the China revolution is well and truly moving on up to get its piece of the pie.

So we have now seen the league taking shape as the men begin to separate from the big boys. But, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the boys especially that goal of the season contender from Andy Carroll. Next weekend, points are going to be dropped at the top when Spurs take on City at The Etihad which will mean Chelsea will stretch with a win against a resurgent Hull City. For Liverpool its Jim’ll fix it time at Plymouth to get their FA Cup journey back on track. Meanwhile, a certain London club keep oscillating between settings and upgrade. Maybe putting them up as certified refurbish might do the trick…what sayest thou?

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