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Doe don klin o fambul den we don cam back! Last week I made a big gaff in posting my blog on a global Facebook and not on this forum. My sincere apologies! With only 4 Premier League matches played this weekend only Liverpool were involved from the top 6 pack. Arsenal and Spurs had FA Cup outings with some minnows and both won handsomely. Chelsea and Manchester United battle for supremacy in tonight’s FA clash at The Bridge.

The much hyped notion that Liverpool struggle against the lesser teams surfaced again. The only positive I’d take from that match is they managed to win ugly – which is a good sign. Its 3 points mind you and not that me or any fan is complaining about that. But the underlining factor is, why? This is a sickness that has haunted them over the years and even Klopp seem to be taking the bait. Klopp may have changed the style of play but the old problems exits way back from Gerard Houllier days. That’s why we haven’t won the EPL and will never win it unless that attitude changes. Mind you it’s not only the players or managers; the fans are at fault too. Anfield is not the same decibel when teams outside the top six visit. So why save the energy for the big teams and berate the team for underperforming against the so-called lesser teams? I said it in a previous blog and I’ll re-echo my cry “Liverpool cannot compete with the big boys because we are financially inept” When you look at the bench on Sunday it tells you the whole story. With injuries to Sturridge and Firmino , we were left to call on Academy tots. Whose fault is it? The management – and that has Klopp written all over it. With the number of players allowed to leave and not able to bring adequate replacements, you’re merely digging your own grave. The talk that Klopp doesn’t sign players in January doesn’t hold grounds when the current squad was suffering from a combination of fatigue and loss of form.

Anyway, enough of my Liverpool rants – they got the 3 points and took advantage of the FC cup commitments from their rivals. Arsenal took their frustration out on Lincoln but it doesn’t add gloss over the off field antics regarding Le Prof. Personally, I think popay should retire whilst he still has some allies but talk of the board giving him another contract extension cannot be ignored. The most important thing is they have to ensure they qualify for the CL. Unlike Arsenal, their neighbours Spurs don’t seem to have any issues and are rolling around nicely. The only gloss was the sight of the injury to chief talisman Kane. MP will be sweating whilst awaiting the results of the scan this morning, Janson finally scored from open play and Son bagged a hat-trick, which means Kane’s lay-off might not affect them as much as you’d want to imagine.

Meanwhile, Everton have closed the gap on ManU even though they have a deficit of 2 games. But how many times have we said games in hand do not guarantee 3 points – just ask City against Stoke. All should keep an eye on Everton otherwise from 6 Flags to 7Up..ya go lock lek POD

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