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Trouble In Paradise, Sports Ministry & FIFA? Featured

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"Troublelor", Where did it go wrong? "Troublelor", Where did it go wrong?

If someone had told the Ministry of Sports that FIFA officials were more corrupt and untrustworthy than some of their revered politicians, they would have denied it.

As Grama used to say, "when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas." I remember not too long ago, late last year, around mid November when the Ministry saw it fit to collaborate with Fatma Samoura, the Secretary-General of FIFA, avoiding the meaningful press in the process.

Yes, a slight dig at some of our colleagues in the profession, who picked and chose the journalists that would dare ask relevant questions? Some assembled at the Radission Blu hotel that evening at a time when we were told Fatma would have already returned to Zurich. The stories they then reported may well have been about the price of tea in Colombia. In the interest of the public, they felt that reporting on the pipe dream, Sierra Leone hosting the women's world cup, was something to lead with.

Before doing so, the Minister himself had gathered with journalists in the morning without really divulging much but he was very optimistic about the future of football that morning.

A communique, MOU,something was shared by journalists through whatsapp that had apparently been signed between parties. Well according to the Minister, FIFA and Fatma Samoura are in breach of contract.

Over the weekend, the Minister of Sports in a radio interview explained his anger and disappointment with the FIFA’s Secretary-General Fatma Samoura and the entire SLFA administration.

The same Minister who refused, sorry avoided meaningful questions on this whole issue, now seeing that he was just a pawn, went further to describe FIFA and Fatma's Samoura's office actions as "one-sided and pettiness". He now claims that the current SLFA executive "has failed the nation". When dining at Radission Blu, he never aluded to any of this. Could it really be that SLFA have failed the nation, only since Nov 19th 2016?

The Minister now explained that he was waiting for the official letter to be handed to him. “I’m waiting to receive the original copy of the letter and I will take it to the president, discussed it and if given the go ahead I will write Fifa accordingly."

He went on further to add that he would show and discuss "the letter" with the President. The question that beckons is, to what end. The President has stated several times that his hands were tied, with regards to SLFA issues. Why won't his hands be tied now?

So how did we get here? Briefly, the government in power used the previous Minister of Sports to ensure that popular candidates that were perceived as being from the South (opposition strongholds) were not heading the SLFA.

This lead to very strong -arm tactics that included the Inspector-General, personally overseeing, a fradulent exercise that was the previous SLFA elective congress. A short summary of what happened can be read here.

Now, since then every excuse has been made to not hold a congress with Government backing at various times, including by this very Minister.

The reason the government backed this was because a suitable candidate was not available(Party-affliated), untill last week.

Sanusi Bruski Kargbo, Chairman of a Premier League team East End Lions, a former Isha backer last week officially declared his intention to run for the Presidency of the SLFA in a well-attended official launching ceremony. 

Now Isha, is not a thorough "party personality". Her main backer was well known as the late Moseray Fadika, who had launched his campaign to be the presidential flagbearer of the ruling party before he succombed to illness.

When it suited the Government to tie their hands and support Isha, the government had no issues. Now that chickens are coming home to roost...


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