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We want our money back"!

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Dortmund SL Vs Young Boys SL Dortmund SL Vs Young Boys SL Jakatosports

More details emerge on the Central One Football Association's suspension of three Referees last month. The Western Area Referees Football Association has since refused to officiate any COFA organised matches until COFA apologies for their remarks.

Yesterday's stalemate between Dortmund SL & Young Boys SL had non-WAFA officials officiating.

It could be recalled that the Chairman of COFA, Sama Sesay , a few weeks ago, told journalists that the association has resolved to suspend three referees namely Abdul Kabia, Shuiebu aka 'Fish' and Raymond Coker after alleged match fixing scandal.  Inside sources at COFA have revealed that after a particular match they had to protect the mentioned refeeres from officials of a team that were adamant in asking from their money back after a game. The ensuing fiasco was what enabled COFA to learn of the incident and take the necessary action according to our sources.

"D man den baranta for dem money nar d VIP pavillion.Lek craseman dem go report densef", one of our sources went on to say. Jakatosports understand that the intervention of COFA officials and security personnel prevented an embarrasing disaster.

Raymond Coker was unavailble for comment, whilst Abdul Kabia & Fish have decided not to comment on the issue.

 The WARFA Secretary General seem to accused COFA of not having the moral ground statement to suspend refeeres. COFA's last competition ended with a very well patronised final at the National Stadium. They have virtually replaced the premier league and stand out as the most patronised league in Sierra Leone.

The Western Area Football Referees Association (WAFRA) itself is still embroiled in controversy over the holding of elections for the various executive positions and serious lobbying by officials of the Western Area Football Association (WAFA) concluded in both bodies have agreeing to suspend the pending elections in June earlier this year.

The elections should have been conducted on the 3rd of June, 2014 but the whole process was petitioned by some referees, who described the entire procedure as fraudulent.
It was reported that WAFA Acting Secretary- General Kasho Holland-Cole, personally intervineed earlier this year, when his executive met with the incumbent Sanusi Rashid-led executive and the petitioners on Wednesday 11th June 2014. He said having listened to both parties, it was decided that the elections be put on hold for at least three months to settle all grievances, he admitted having the tendency of bringing the game into disrepute.

It should be recalled the aggrieved referees petitioned the elections on the grounds that the Sansui Rashid-led executive failed to produce an audited financial statement; appoint members of the electoral committee and publish the voters register as stated in article 5(a) and 6 (a-11) of the WAFRA constitution. To date no election date has been forthcoming.

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