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Assembled journalists sidestepped by Fatma Samoura.

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Fatma Samoura Escort Fatma Samoura Escort JakatoSports

So Fatma Samoura's visit to Sierra Leone actually happened, after reportedly being delayed twice. Even though the Isha Johansen, the fraudulently selected, President of the SLFA, is currently under investigation by the Nation's Anti-Corruption Commission, it was interesting to know that the First Lady, attend a dinner for Fatma hosted by Isha.

So Saturday 19th November had many journalists confronted by so many confusing and conflicting reports on a press conference, that I don't know where to start.

Around 9:30am, journalist were alerted to a 10am meeting at the Ministry of Sports, with Ahmed Khanou(The Minister) and his deputy Ismail Al Sankoh. The notice indicated that the meeting will be followed by an immediate press conference at the Atlantic Hall, near the Ministry.

The meeting ended and the FIFA Secretary General was immediately whisked away, reportedly to the Bank of Sierra Leone Complex in Kingtom. She was travelling in Diplomatic Consular vehicle apparently belonging to the Norwegian Consul, who happens to be Isha's Husband. The now visibly jittered, assembled journalist walked over to the Minister's office where he warmly received them but could not unfortunately give them any further details about the press conference.

assembled journalists

He did though suggest that he too had been deceived by the Secretary-General's availability, saying that he was initially informed that she had to fly out of the country at 14:00pm but that now (then it was 1247pm) he understands she was leaving at 20:00pm. This later also proved to be subjective because a local television station broadcasted what was allegedly a live broadcast of a press conference at around 2120pm.

For some reason around 1327pm the Secretary-General returned to the Sports Ministry, however, the convoy stopped for lees than a minute and then swiftly moved on.

At this point, there was speculation that a select few knew the details of when the press conference was to be held & JakatoSports refused to be part of this cat and mouse game. We were prepared to ask the relevant questions and are disappointed that there was a whole-hearted attempt to suppress that. The Minister for his part was refreshingly open and pleasantly answered all questions that were asked.

It has since been reported that Fatma Samoura encouraged Sierra Leone to bid for the 2018 Women's Under 17 world cup. I wish someone had told her that it was not April Fool's day. There are current austerity measures in place and Sierra Leone lacks facilities to host presently host a 16 team International Cup. I don't know who was there to question her. However, there have not been any detailed reports on the Anti-Corruption investigations and any meetings with it's head Ade Macauley.

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