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Isha, Integrity Checks & Zero Tolerance??? Featured

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Isha and her self-described "Father Figure" Isha and her self-described "Father Figure"

Isha Johansen's entry as President of the SLFA was illegal, fraudulent and most unethical, that's why her utterances of zero tolerance for corruption are very comical to me. Her claims of not being supported have nothing to do with her being a woman bro. If the overwhelming majority of and association don't want you to head them, you think forcing yourself on them will help. Let's call a spade a spade.

Under Nahim Khadi, whom I have very little good to say about, there was a National League running. What has Isha achieved for our game? Selfie with Maradona and Ronaldo? No one is sabotaging her. That's just not truthful, not sincere. Again COFA with limited funding has organised three leagues, very successful I might add since her illegal tenure.

Recap: There were 49 delegates for the convention that summoned her fraudulent selection. The SLFA had spent six months hitherto that convention establishing exactly who was going to vote for every member organisation that had voting rights.

According to that SLFA constitution a qurom of 2/3rds of the memberships has to be present to elect a president. If 2/3 of the members are not present, the election is postponed and the issue of the qurom being absent is discussed and resolved before a new election is called.

Hitherto that convention both Rodney Michael and Mohamed Kallon when controversially disqualified as candidates without recourse to appeal. The then Minister of sports referred to them as South-Easterners and made racist comments about Rodney Michael in particular. He never hid the direct government involvement in making sure neither of those two, Rodney or Mohammed, were elected as SLFA proxy, rather he boasted this fact.

33 out of 49 voting delegates on the day of the convention did not go to the hall and converged instead at Mohammed Kallon's house with their accredited voting delegates passes and ID; which SLFA had spent more than Le100million certifying the previous six months.

The convention called other members of the public to come in and fraudulently represent clubs and organisations. It was not even a case of using someone else within a particular club. It was a fruadulent exercise. They refused to answer questions from people that went to legally represent the abstaining members and even at one point, if my memory serves me right, Munu had Dididor physically removed from the convention. AT the end of the day Isha could only have 9 true members of the SLFA voting for her. So it has remained with the addition of Government controlled clubs which I do not want to delve into as that is another story on its own. Very concise summary end.

A coup d'etat can be described as an unconstitutional take over. That is the summary of what took place. It is not the sour grapes of the majority of the members.

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  • Comment Link John Neel-kamara Monday, 10 July 2017 17:20 posted by John Neel-kamara

    This is bullshit ! When will Sierra Leoneans cease to be self centered and negative.

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